Adding an office POD to an open plan office

The Brief

Modular furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Not only it adds a stylish touch to your office space but it also provides great sound-proofing solutions, connectivity and privacy.

In this project, our client was initially looking at partitioning off a section of the first floor with glass walls, to create an additional meeting room. After an itinital discussion with the Supplies Web Team, we concluded that a POD would provide a better, cheaper, more flexible, and adaptable meeting space. The best? PODs don’t have to stay in one place forever, they can be moved within the office if needed.

Our Approach

After showing the client some fabric options and ideas, we agreed on the best solution for the business. We delivered the POD and installed successfully and hassle-free. In the client’s words:

The open plan office can be noisy, the POD provides a meeting room where the team can conduct meetings, in privacy and comfort. It’s smart, we really like the fabric choices, that we chose, there were several colour options. The POD has full connectivity, staff can have private Teams or Zoom meetings. We have it linked to the meeting room calendar; the POD is called Blue Lagoon!

The Result

As for the end result, here’s what our client had to say about it:

Delivery and installation were very good, the installation team conducted a pre-site assessment, they were helpful on the day of installation. The POD is value for money, the cost of the POD versus new glass partitioned meeting room, is a no brainer!

The POD is 10/10, we would recommend this solution, if you want a flexible and modern meeting space!

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