Supplies Web Ltd is a forward-thinking office products and services company. We aim to forge strong partnerships with our customers, and through these partnerships, develop into the leading UK supplier for all office products and services.

We are very conscious that to achieve the above goals our activities will have an impact on the environment. As a result of this our company is committed to minimising our negative impact on it, and where possible look to implement strategies to reduce this.

All company locations adhere to the same environmental policies and procedures. We operate a policy of continuous improvement across the business and openly invite our staff to push forward new initiatives to drive improvements in our environmental policies.

Supplies Web Ltd will:

  1. Comply with all current and future environmental legislation and strive to meet and exceed other requirements as appropriate to the company’s activities.
  2. Operate in ways that contribute to lowering energy and fuel usage, reducing carbon emissions and Reducing / recycling waste through our entire supply chain.
  3. Measure and minimize relevant and significant environmental pollution including carbon emissions.
  4. Provide information to customers on how to purchase environmentally responsible products when appropriate. Including assisting customers with carbon reduction projects.
  5. Consider our suppliers environmental policies and credentials when evaluating and selecting business partners.
  6. Monitor and report on the environmental impact of the company’s operations and strive for continuous environmental improvement.
  7. Communicate our environmental policies and targets to all employees, customers, other stakeholders who come into contact with the company.

The policy will be reviewed and, where appropriate, updated annually.

Paul Graves



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