Supplies Web Limited aim to be the number one Business Services Provider in the UK. We were founded by people who have a real passion for delivering a great customer experience.

If we had to state one thing that sets us out from our competition, it’s that we truly love what we do!! Every day we genuinely do get up and try to think of ways we can improve our business.  We believe that if we do this, we can keep our customers happy and make purchasing Office Products and Services as simple and cost effective as possible!

We are a company who pride ourselves on the expertise and knowledge we have of the market. Using this we can look to rationalise the number of suppliers that your business uses, and better control the products that you order. We focus on giving a consultative approach to managing our customers supply base, enabling them to get on with what they are good at, and allowing us to control spend and simplify their processes.

We have recently invested into a new website, this makes the buying experience much better, enabling customers to embrace our single source solution.

Our account management team will ensure that order methods are efficient, invoicing is consolidated, and reporting is focused on giving you excellent service and low running costs.

Our business prides itself on being innovative, cutting edge, and giving a fresh approach to the market. We believe offering this service will form long term trusted partnerships with our customers that will help their, and our business grow.


We start with a detailed consultation to understand your business from top to bottom. Only when we know how you work, are we able to match up your needs to what we offer.

Once we understand how we can help, we work in partnership with you to maximise your potential savings in both money and time.

We partner with a very wide range of suppliers, distributors and service providers so we can supply 99% of the items a typical business needs in a single consolidated monthly invoice.

The key benefits our customers see is a dramatic reduction in the cost of the products (circa 26.4% on average), and huge time and process savings from the simplification of their supply chain.

Importantly, our proposition is supported with fantastic Customer Service and delivery, we work to very high standards!

Are you ready to see how much you can save?