We offer a procurement consultancy service that specialises in cost reduction, supplier rationalisation and redesigning the processes linked to a business purchasing products and services.

Many cost reduction agencies charge excessive fees that run into thousands, our service is FREE!

Our ethos is to deliver ‘More for less’. We identify, challenge and deliver managed solutions that reduce purchasing costs, and achieve the benefits of centralised procurement for many product and service areas. We will always reduce spend, and offer more value for money.

Cutting to the chase, businesses want to spend less, but maintain service levels. They want to reduce administration and have staff spending less time ordering and managing supply chain tasks. This means that valuable resources can then be deployed to focus on pro-active or strategic areas of their business.

Very often, the review of business products and services falls to the bottom of the ‘to do list’. Managers or business owners know they need to review expenditure within these areas, but struggle to find the time or resource to thoroughly analyse the market. Many fear that unless they spend hours or days analysing sometimes hundreds of products, they could decide change providers and the result could be a worse situation.

Many businesses have enjoyed the huge benefits of our cost reduction services, some thought there must be a catch……..yet they have all realised that we stay true to our word, and do what we say we are going to do! We use our growth to negotiate very strong commercial partnerships in all our product and service areas. We have a very lean cost base, and this means that we can make a more sensible gross profit than our competitors.

The name Supplies Web means that we have a very strong web of suppliers and partners, meaning you can utilise our supply chain, buying power and expertise to save money, improve efficiencies and be more resourceful. This ultimately means that you can improve your bottom line, and have more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Our business prides itself on being innovative, cutting edge, and giving a fresh approach to the market. We believe offering this service will form long term trusted partnerships with our customers that will help their, and our business grow.


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