How to professionally clean your home office

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have had to repurpose a space in our homes dedicated to getting our heads down and being productive when working from home. If you work from home, you’ll know the importance of creating physical boundaries for your workspace and for leisure. Bearing this in mind, making sure your work-from-home space is always spic and span, will ensure you get the most out of your home office. Coming into any workspace that is clean and organised is likely to make you more focused, clear-headed and productive. Tidy space, tidy mind!

In this blog post, we will list all the most effective ways to professionally clean your office, furniture in it and share with you some of our favourite products and tips to keep it clean!


How to clean your office chair

Your office chair, some would say the making of any good home office, can be prone to getting dirty. Dust, clothes’ fluff, tea and coffee stains or biscuit crumbs – our tips will have your office chair looking brand new in no time. The best way we have found to clean the fabric of your office chair is to use a foam cleanser, our favourite is the ‘2work antibacterial foam soap’. Simply apply a fair amount to all of the fabric and let sit for a few minutes. Then using a scrubbing brush, scrub out any marks or stains and then dry with a vacuum cleaner, the handiest we find for this is using a cordless vacuum cleaner. 


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How to clean office blinds

Blinds, whether in the office or not, collect dust really quickly so it’s important to have an efficient way of cleaning them as they need to be cleaned so often. The most convenient and quick way we have found to make your blinds spotless is to dust them frequently. We’ve found a spray air duster sprayed onto the wooden slats, with a feather duster or a dry cloth to polish the slats will have your blinds spotless. 


Eco cleaning products

For all the other general cleaning duties, like wiping down surfaces and cleaning the floors, we have a range of environmentally-friendly products that are not only super effective but also completely eco-aware! Our range includes cleaning products and other staple office items like hand sanitiser, post-it notes, memory foam seat cushions and so much more!

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Standing desks

At Supplies Web we have many different products available to help keep your home office space clean, tidy and organised. A relatively new but effective concept is the standing desk. If you feel you are constantly filling your desk to the brim with nik naks, unnecessary stationery and old cups of tea, the standing desk could be the answer to your woes. Not only will working while standing do the world of good for your posture and your back, but it will also prevent your desk being filled with so much clutter.

Neat and tidy stationery

Another key item to make sure you have on or near your desk is a binder. We have a wide range of different types of files available depending on your requirements. Binders, files and folders will prevent any of your loose documents and pieces of paper from being lost and will help to keep your desk pristine. Check out our full range of all our work-from-home essentials, and remember, if you’d like a free cost reduction consultation to see how much we can save your business simply get in touch with our friendly team today!



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