Improve your health and wellbeing in the office

Think about your daily routine in the office? Not many of us think of fitness when it comes to work. Many of us here at Supplies Web, are guilty of sitting at our desks for long periods of time or even having lunch at our desks.

Encouraging fitness in the workplace has great benefits. Lesley and Jade in our team have decided to make a change. Recently, they both got fit bits, and this opened their eyes to how much they weren’t moving throughout the day. Its quite shocking when you see it.

They brainstormed what they could change on a day to day basis and below are some tips they have come up with;

  • Get up and move around every hour – Jade and Lesley don’t work in the biggest of offices but use the space to walk up and down for a few minutes each time. Lesley’s fit bit will also remind her to get moving if she forgets. We are all terrible for this I’m sure, who emails a colleague or calls them at their desk even if they are only a few metres away? It’s easy to do but try to get in the habit of walking over to their desks. This not only improves your movement throughout the day but also your communication with your colleagues.

  • Walk to the shops on lunch or park further from work – As previously said, we are all guilty for not moving from our desks on lunch. Need lunch? Walk to the shops instead of jumping in your car. Have a park or nice surrounding? Take a walk on lunch, the fresh air and different environment will help to break the day up.


  • Eat Healthier – It’s easy to snack throughout the day. Try to limit this down or have healthy options such as fruit bowls accessible in your office. Why not be creative with your lunches, have a look online at colourful filling lunches instead of the standard sandwich or salad.


  • Aim to drink more water than caffeine – We all love our tea and coffee in the mornings but think about how much water you drink. Do you drink enough? Water coolers are a great addition to the workplace. We have one in our office and especially with the weather warming up, its nice to have cold water available.


  • Go to bed half an hour earlier – Who is up at night thinking about work or what they have got to do tomorrow? Get into a habit of writing up to do lists at the end of each working day so then you leave your worries at work. Go to bed half an hour earlier each night so it gives you time to unwind.


  • Set realistic goals – Here at Supplies Web, we create challenges for the office to see if they can achieve it. Some take it much more seriously than others but its all about having something to focus on and create steps to achieving that goal. Some offices have prizes for who wins the challenges.


We have seen the difference in making small changes in our daily routine at work.

Do you have any other suggestions?


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