Tips to stay happier at your desk

Sitting down all day can really be a pain. Back pain, neck ache and strained eyes are common in the office environment.

We find ourselves so engrossed in our work, that we don’t pay attention to our posture. Did you ever get told as a child; sit up, shoulders back, stop slouching? Yes, we did too. Even though we used to think it was just something adults used to say, it’s a reminder that this is key for good posture.

Most companies have assessments in place to support you when you are based at a workstation for long periods of time, but here are some tips for you to look at yourself;

Work at a desk?

If you work at a desk, you are properly spending more time at your desk than anywhere else. If you’re not careful it can cause serious damage to your health.

Have you got standing desks in your office? They aren’t a must but a positive option to get you moving. They are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. This doesn’t mean you have to stand all day, but you can higher and lower them if you need to stretch your legs. You will find this will help your posture a lot and break up the day.

How do you sit correctly?

  • Your eye level should be in line with the top of your computer screen
  • Your back and neck should be straight
  • Your wrists should be straight
  • Your bottom should be placed at the back of your chair
  • Your legs should be uncrossed
  • Your feet should be resting flat on the floor

We all know, that it’s the worst habit is to slouch in our chairs!

There are even additions to your desk working life that can help support you.

Do you know what additions are available?

We can help with footrests, wrist supports, back supports and more! If you find your eyes straining a lot, go and get an eye test and use the correct eyewear to support you. If you allow your eyes to strain continuously this can lead to major migraines if you’re not careful.

We all love a good office chair. If you have had one for years, maybe it’s time to look at getting a new one before it destroys your spine. You don’t need to pay out loads on a chair (unless you want to treat yourself) You just need to look at if you can adjust the height, it has a good back support and a good cushion to sit on.

Our most popular office chair currently is called the Vantage Operator Chair. This comfy chair features a height adjustable seat as well as back height alteration, so you can always find your perfect sitting position. With a curved back rest which is deeply padded for comfort and incorporates lumbar support to encourage good posture, this seat is designed to ensure the perfect balance between support and softness. The ideal choice for any working environment, either at home or elsewhere. It is also available in a variety of colours to match any office space.

We hope some of the tips above can help, why not asses your work desk and see how you can improve your posture?


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