5 ways to an organised work space

How cluttered is your office desk? A recent survey revealed one in three employees admit to theirs being cluttered or just a complete mess. This can affect how you feel about going into work, more stressed or less productive.

Your working environment is important and can show much pride you have within your role. Being organised can help you lead to success. Ever heard of the saying ‘cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind’? Staying on top of things and being organised helps your confidence, concentration, productivity and you always know where to find things.

Supplies Web have thought of some tips to help de-clutter your workspace;

Desktop Order

Take away the mess by using letter trays, magazine files or labelling to organise your space. Think about what you do in your role and where it should be placed on your desk.

Clean the germs away

No one likes germs and we need to stop them from spreading by wiping down our desk surfaces and practise good hygiene. Disgusting fact, but an average desk holds 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Office Supplies

Items you use every day, could stay on your desk but items you only use every now and then could be tucked away in your draw.

Personal bits

Having family photos or bits and pieces from home on your desk can be positive. But be careful not to over do it or you will become distracted. Its all about the balance between the two.

Time Management

Everyone prefers to use different methods of how to keep on top of things. The most important part is to have a to do list. This helps you focus on what needs to be done to keep on top of deadlines and once completed you can start fresh. Ensure to keep only relevant documents on your desk. If they are there and not being used, it’s just more clutter than needed.

How do you keep your office space organised? Do you have a ‘clean desk policy’ in your workplace?


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