Spring Clean in the Workplace: Our Top Tips

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With Spring well and truly upon us, a desk clear-out and an office Spring Clean are long overdue!

Now is the ideal time to start organising your work areas, as it is essential to boost morale and increase productivity in your business.

However you spring into action this month, we can supply you with all the right products to make cleaning up a breeze.

Here are some of our Spring cleaning expert tips to get you inspired:

Traditional Office Supplies

  • As well as recycling the documents you no longer need, you never know when you are going to need certain records and reports.
  • Organise these important documents in Presentation Pockets, Arch Files or Letter Trays!

filing tray made out of sustainable materials



  • Don’t forget to clean your technology as this often gets neglected.
  • Clean your keyboard and monitors with our AF range.
  • Online disorganisation can be just as stressful as a physical mess, organise your digital life with the Verbatim Portable Disk Drive.

portable hard drive plugged into a laptop


Too much clutter, not enough storage? Invest in better storage! Whether it’s stationery or sensitive information, create a clutter-free environment with Talos’ Stationery Cupboard or the Drawer Filing Cabinet.

Facilities Supplies

  • Once you have tidied your desk and have a nice clear workspace, wipe down and disinfect everything with our 2Work Multi-Surface Cleaner.
  • A spray mop is also a quick and easy way to keep the floor clean. When you’re all done, keep that ‘newly cleaned’ smell by finishing off with the Febreze air Freshener.

Sustainable solutions

  • Replace conventional cleaning products with eco-friendly ones (we can advise you on this and share options with you!)
  • Getting rid of some office furniture or technology? Reduce waste by donating your unwanted goods to local charities or support groups that might be able to use them.
  • Opt for reusable products like cleaning sponges or fabric materials so you can prolong the life of the product and reduce waste
  • Try to move some of your processes online so you require less paper. This can be turning a printed catalogue into a digital PDF, using pen drives and external memory drives for file storing or upgrading your office servers.


Need some help sourcing cleaning or janitorial products or solutions? Get in touch with our friendly, dedicated team today! 


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