Keep Calm and Stay Cool

We all struggle a little in this heat, especially in the office. Let’s not get negative and overheat this summer.

Let’s beat the heat and enjoy the summertime with the below tips in mind;

  • Cut out the caffeine. We know there will be a large amount of you that will struggle to cut this out, but it will help. If you can’t completely stop, just cut it down more. Tea and Coffee increases your heart rate and blood flow, so this will cause your temperature to rise.

  • Shut out the sun. Keep the blinds shut in your office through the day. Some of us don’t enjoy working in the artificial light but this can help keep the room much cooler.


  • Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is key! Most people think this is obvious, yet most of us forget to do this while sat at our desks all day. Have a water cooler at work? Even better, just remember to keep filling up your cup throughout the day. You could even put a water bottle in your freezer at night and then you have ice cold water for the day.


  • Fantastic fans. Who doesn’t love a fan in the summer? Most of us swear by it at night-time. There is a large source of fans available, whether it’s the small USB fans for your desk or the standing fans.


  • Avoid big lunches. Eating large lunches makes it harder to digest. Which means you body temperature will increase so try to stick to small lunches where possible.

  • Rinse your wrists. Running your wrist under a cold tap for five seconds can instantly cool you down. If you do this before bed it can also help you drift off to sleep. This is because one of your main veins passes through this area and it will help cool your blood.

What other tips do you have for keeping cool in the Summer?


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